Partial Solar Eclipse

October 23, 2014

5:47 PM EDT until sunset 


This partial solar eclipse will be at its best as the sun is setting at 6:38 EDT. At sunset, the Moon's silhouette will reach 45.7% of the way across the Sun's disk. Remember to protect your eyes while watching the eclipse with a safe solar filter or number 14 welder's glass! Image credit: Jay Andersen

This web site will no longer be available starting October 25, 2014.

A Special Message from the SEOAS:

Fifteen years ago, a group of people with an interest in astronomy got together to discuss ways to reduce local levels of light pollution. They met around a kitchen table. That discussion brought them to a decision - a decision to bring their telescopes and binoculars to street corners and schoolyards to share their knowledge and passion for the nighttime (and daytime) sky with the people of southeastern Ohio. The Southeast Ohio Astronomical Society was born.


Through these fifteen years, we have shown thousands of people, young and old, all kinds of amazing things through our telescopes and binoculars. We've been all over - from deep in the Wayne National Forest under the darkest skies in Ohio, in libraries from Jackson to Beverly, to schools from Rutland to New Lexington. We volunteered our knowledge and equipment to educate, excite and inspire.


The time has come for us to pursue our other interests and to stop acting as a formal group.


It has been a wonderful 15 years of astro adventures. Thanks for sharing them with us.


We hope that you will, in the words of the late Jack Horkheimer,
"Keep looking up."

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Athens Clear Sky Chart

The Athens Clear Sky Chart is an astronomers forecast. It shows at a glance when, in the next 48 hours, we might expect clear and dark skies for Athens, Ohio. It's is specifically intended for amateur astronomers. 


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